/ (ˈɡrænθəm) /

  1. a town in E England, in Lincolnshire: birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton and Margaret Thatcher. Pop: 34 592 (2001)

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How to use Grantham in a sentence

  • We both saw young Sherwood awhile ago as he was leaving the Grantham, and he told us everything!

  • Presently the tired, impersonal voice of the Grantham operator remarked against his ear-drum: "Miss Cameron don't answer."

  • Twenty minutes later Maggie was back at the Grantham, her absence unobserved.

  • Despite all that had come to pass at the Grantham the previous evening, Larry was just now feeling restless and rather forlorn.

  • He had come back famous, and the town of Grantham Mills, metropolis of his native county, was proud of him.

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