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/ ɡreɪps /


  1. archaic.
    functioning as singular vet science an abnormal growth, resembling a bunch of grapes, on the fetlock of a horse

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Example Sentences

Enforcement of U.S Code, Title VII, Chapter 25A “Export Standards for Grapes and Plums” remains fully funded, thank goodness.

If a Champagne is made only with the black grapes, it is called blanc de noirs, or “white from red.”

When you think of what it takes to make your favorite spirit, ingredients like grapes, barley, or herbs probably come to mind.

They have putrid California grapes for eyes, puffed-out cheeks of spoiled plums, sweltered eggplant lips.

On the one hand it can bless you with exceptional land for growing grapes.

This damage to grapes would not, however, be much felt in Guernsey, as all the grapes are protected by orchard-houses.

Staphylococci are commonly grouped in clusters, often compared to bunches of grapes (Fig. 113).

His cheeks were the color of crushed grapes, and his dusky eyes glowed with a languishing fire.

A boat landed on the south-westernmost islet, and found it inhabited only by birds, but clothed with shrubs and wild grapes.

He observes, also, that these grapes degenerate in the south, but do well in the north in dry and stony soil.


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