[ grahs ]


  1. Fran·çois Jo·seph Paul [f, r, ah, n, -, swa, zhaw-, zef, pawl], Comte de Marquis de Grasse-Tilly, 1722–1788, French admiral.
  2. a city in S France, near the Mediterranean: tourist center; perfume industry. 135,330.

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Example Sentences

Grasse likens Art in the Age to other organic brands with strong philosophies.

In April, Grasse unveiled Spodee, a wine fortified with high proof moonshine that tastes strongly, and surprisingly, of chocolate.

I was not the wild child of advertising,” said Grasse, “but the insane person in advertising.

“I want to see what happens when I distill wild mushrooms that I foraged in the park,” said Grasse.

Grasse then beat to windward between Dominica and the Iles des Saintes, but in consequence of various accidents made little way.

Dieu nous a fait la grasse que vous estes ellu roy de Poulogne.

The Comte de Grasse, on perceiving that she must be taken, bore up with his whole fleet for her protection.

Chase was instantly made by the English, when the Comte de Grasse bore down to their relief.

Grasse has progressed beyond the gare--l'eau stage of municipal civilization.