[ gras-oh, grah-soh ]


  1. Ella T(am·bus·si) [tam-, boo, -see], 1919–81, U.S. politician: congresswoman 1971–75; governor of Connecticut 1975–80.

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Example Sentences

Yet while Grasso and Pekau have both accepted the 2020 election result, Kaspar has raised doubts about the outcome, helping position himself as arguably the Trumpiest candidate in the race.

Grasso has led the way in fundraising with $621,000, compared with Pekau’s $375,000 and Kaspar’s $266,000, although Grasso gave his campaign $250,000 to achieve that advantage.

He reported that he and Grasso subsequently kept in touch via cell phone.

He then went after Richard Grasso for the pay package of $188 million he received as the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.

Plus, Part I: Grasso on oversized AIG bonuses, Spitzer, and Citi.

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The fellow having delivered his message, Grasso came to the little window, and bowed to them.

He went home with them, and when arrived where Grasso was, he entered the room when he was busy with his own thoughts.

Grasso, in a deep sleep from the effect of the opium, slept on the whole night without ever waking.

Grasso returned several times to Florence, and being asked by Philip of Brunelesco to tell his story, he related this tale.

Home I must not go, for if Grasso should be there, what shall I say?





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