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  1. a unit of acceleration equal to the standard acceleration of free fall. 1 grav is equivalent to 9.806 65 metres per second per secondSymbol: g
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Historical Examples

  • With the grav fields out on the ship, they did not take up orbit.


    Daniel F. Galouye

  • The nearness of his grav coils had restored some of the Fleury's internal stability.


    Daniel F. Galouye

  • Gravel, grav′el, n. small stones often intermixed with sand: small collections of gravelly matter in the kidneys or bladder.

  • Grav′el-pit, a pit from which gravel is dug; Grav′el-walk, a footpath covered with gravel.

  • J'en ai rapport quelques-uns o l'on a grav des chiffres, des lettres, et jusqu' de jolis paysages.