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[ greyv-lee ]


  1. Samuel L(ee), Jr., 1922–2004, U.S. naval officer: first Black admiral.

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Example Sentences

At least one child in CAR has been killed or gravely injured per day, and 10,000 have been recruited into militant groups.

At that point, a gravely ill person would have to somehow get their bodily fluids into your system.

Most of the 38 alleged victims were gravely ill or suffered terminal conditions.

He was flying to a foreign country to visit gravely ill patients suffering from a disease he could no more diagnose than treat.

But also more worryingly, we have a Yazidi and Christian populations that are gravely under threat right now.

At this the animals stared mournfully at him for a moment, and then rose up and walked gravely away.

Walking thrice round it, he at each time gravely repeated: "If she dies she dies, but if she lives she lives."

Mafuta nodded his head as he spoke, and, gravely shouldering his load, marched away.

She sat back and looked at him very gravely, as if his remark had made a strong impression upon her.

It may also be gravely doubted whether Comyn would ever have entered into any bond with Bruce.