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gravitational constant

noun Physics.

constant of gravitation.See under law of gravitation.


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Origin of gravitational constant

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British Dictionary definitions for gravitational constant

gravitational constant


the factor relating force to mass and distance in Newton's law of gravitation. It is a universal constant with the value 6.673 × 10 –11 N m² kg –2Symbol: G
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Medicine definitions for gravitational constant

gravitational constant

[ grăv′ĭ-tāshə-nəl ]


The constant in Newton's law of gravitation that yields the attractive force between two bodies when multiplied by the product of the masses of the two bodies and divided by the square of the distance between them.newtonian constant of gravitation
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Science definitions for gravitational constant

gravitational constant

A constant relating the force of the gravitational attraction between two bodies to their masses and their distance from each other in Newton's law of gravitation. The gravitational constant equals approximately 6.67259 X 10-11 newton square meters per square kilogram. Its symbol is G. See more at Newton's law of gravitation.
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