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  1. David, pen name of Ray Stannard Baker.

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Example Sentences

Frost seems favored at this point, as a Data for Progress poll conducted over the weekend found him leading with 34 percent, followed by Bracy at 18 percent and Grayson at 14 percent.

Grayson 3-D printed the main part of his device, then attached sensors.

Grayson’s project won him second place and a $2,000 prize in ISEF’s engineering technology category.

He fell short, taking in less than half that amount, but his haul was enough to scare his primary opponent, Trey Grayson.

“We were curious how the money his dad could raise would translate to our race,”  Grayson would later tell New York magazine.

Longtime artists and writers Tim Seeley and Tom King lead the team behind the comic series Grayson.

Grayson picks up with Dick working for Spyral and newly armed with a gun.

With Bruce Wayne out of the picture, Dick Grayson is free to cultivate that hitherto underdeveloped aspect of his abilities.

So Paul Grayson's secret was out at last, and now the boys wished there never had been any secret at all.

Jennie Grayson is fully eighteen years old and wouldn't want you children tagging around.

"But of course there's no use crying over spilt milk; you did your best," continued Grayson cheerfully.

"Plucky," was Grayson's comment, and there was a general agreement among the men standing round.

Grayson's doing a stunt to-day that would have driven me mad with envy if I could have stopped to look on.





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