[ greyt-gran-fah-ther, -grand- ]
/ ˌgreɪtˈgrænˌfɑ ðər, -ˈgrænd- /
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a grandfather of one's father or mother.
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Origin of great-grandfather

First recorded in 1505–15
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What does great-grandfather mean?

A great-grandfather is the father of a person’s grandparent (the grandfather of a person’s parent).

When a father’s child has their own children, that father becomes a grandfather. When those children have their own children, he becomes a great-grandfather.

Should great-grandfather be capitalized?

Great-grandfather should be capitalized when it’s used as a proper name, as in Please tell Great-grandfather that I miss him. 

But great-grandfather does not need to be capitalized when it’s simply used as a way to refer to him, as in Please tell my great-grandfather that I miss him. 

Example: My kids were lucky enough to get to know three of their great-grandfathers.

Where does great-grandfather come from?

The first records of the word great-grandfather come from the 1500s. The prefix grand- is used in family terms to indicate a person who is one generation removed, as in grandparent and grandchild. The prefix great- indicates yet another generation.

Another great- can be added for each generation. For example, your great-great-grandfather is the father of your great-grandfather. Most people refer to their great-grandfathers with titles like great-grandpa and great-grandpop, sometimes in combination with a name, as in Great-Grandpa Frank.

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How is great-grandfather used in real life?

Great-grandfather can be used as a title, but many families use their own unique names. Still, the title that grandchildren use for their grandfather often stays the same even after he becomes a great-grandfather.



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Is great-grandfather used correctly in the following sentence?

I’m a great-grandfather of 18, a grandfather of 12, and a father of four, so I know a thing or two about temper tantrums.

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