[ greyt-gran-suhn, -grand- ]


  1. a grandson of one's son or daughter.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of great-grandson1

First recorded in 1710–20
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Example Sentences

In 1993, Johnnes received an invitation from Dominique Lafon, the great-grandson of Jules Lafon, to attend with his wife Sally.

Dornan is 77 years old and has 15 grandchildren and one great-grandson.

What was his great-grandson doing, then, 62 years later, messing around in the sectarian dirt yard?

As India's most powerful political family roils with rivalries and betrayals, Nehru's great-grandson campaigns from a jail cell.

Now I love spending time with my grandchildren and my great-grandson, Braden.

It was reprinted in Bristol in 1764, "for Mr. Standfast Smith, apothecary, great-grandson of the author."

Orion—Merodach—must have been likewise a god, the great-great-grandson of Tiamat, whom he destroys.

Compare the tradition in the family of Jaques, as told by his great-grandson, in Historical Magazine, viii.

A reproduction of his own, they belonged to his great-grandson, a worthy whose well-groomed face betrayed all feline vices.

Hold up you grimacing, great grandson of a lousy she-ape, can't you, and walk straight.