Great Mogul

  1. the emperor of the former Mogul Empire in India founded in 1526 by Baber.

  2. (lowercase) an important or distinguished person.

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How to use Great Mogul in a sentence

  • The Great Mogul, the emperor of China, and the emperor of Japan are always addressed kneeling.

    A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 1 (of 10) | Franois-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
  • The present Great Mogul has so little taste, that he has had this divan divided into two parts by a very paltry partition wall.

  • In an account of the empire of the Great Mogul, we find no end of superstitious observances.

  • It was one winter night when the baby was six months old that the “Great Mogul” presented himself again.

  • It would have been uncommonly civil of the ‘Great Mogul’ to be a little more definite in his information.

British Dictionary definitions for Great Mogul

Great Mogul

  1. any of the Muslim emperors of India (1526–1857)

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