Idioms for great

    great with child, being in the late stages of pregnancy.

Origin of great

before 900; Middle English greet, Old English grēat; cognate with Dutch groot, German gross


1 immense, enormous, gigantic, huge, vast, grand. Great, big, large refer to size, extent, and degree. In reference to the size and extent of concrete objects, big is the most general and most colloquial word, large is somewhat more formal, and great is highly formal and even poetic, suggesting also that the object is notable or imposing: a big tree; a large tree; a great oak; a big field; a large field; great plains. When the reference is to degree or a quality, great is the usual word: great beauty; great mistake; great surprise; although big sometimes alternates with it in colloquial style: a big mistake; a big surprise; large is not used in reference to degree, but may be used in a quantitative reference: a large number ( great number ).
6 noteworthy.
7 weighty, serious, momentous, vital, critical.
8 famed, eminent, noted, notable, prominent, renowned.
9 elevated, exalted, dignified.
10 main, grand, leading.


1 small.
6–8, 10, 11, 14 insignificant.

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British Dictionary definitions for greatest (1 of 2)

/ (ˈɡreɪtɪst) /


the superlative of great


the greatest slang an exceptional person

British Dictionary definitions for greatest (2 of 2)

/ (ɡreɪt) /



informal very well; excellentlyit was working great


Also called: great organ the principal manual on an organCompare choir (def. 4), swell (def. 16)

Derived forms of great

greatly, adverbgreatness, noun

Word Origin for great

Old English grēat; related to Old Frisian grāt, Old High German grōz; see grit, groat
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