[ gree-lee ]


  1. Adolphus Washington, 1844–1935, U.S. general and Arctic explorer.

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Greely says he’s concerned that ambitious doctors will rush to test the technology too soon, like what happened when researchers created the first gene-edited babies in China in 2018.

Greely, who had a front-row seat to many of the events in his capacity as director of the Stanford Center for Law and Biosciences, reveals to readers how He’s experiment came to be.

Greely has chosen instead to offer a kind of thoughtful dispatch from the front lines.

In their commentary, Greely and Farahany laid out four main aspects to consider before moving ahead with the controversial field.

“We must begin to think about that possibility,” said Greely and Farahany.

Hank Greely Professor of Law, Stanford University Law School Palo Alto, Calif.

Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, Phoenix,  Provo, Utah, and Greely, Colorado, round out the 20 most stressed housing markets.

The present record is held by the Greely expedition, two members of which reached 83 24 north latitude.

Many public men in the North urged peaceable secession, notably, Horace Greely.

The expeditions of our own naval engineer, Peary, are well known to us; and the trip of Greely was an interesting one.

A number of these stations were established, and Greely had charge of the American one.

The way to the mill lay along the road for a time, and then a short cut was made across what was known as the Greely Ridge.


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