green mould

  1. another name for blue mould (def. 1)

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How to use green mould in a sentence

  • Its walls were covered with green mould, never a ray of sun reaching them, and it looked damp, disused and forgotten.

    A Traitor's Wooing | Headon Hill
  • At a distance they appear to be covered with a tender green mould that one could brush away with his hand.

    Fresh Fields | John Burroughs
  • The trunk is not patched and mottled with gray, like ours, but is often tinged with a fine deep green mould.

    Fresh Fields | John Burroughs
  • There were bones of whales and Polar bears lying about; they looked like the legs and arms of giants covered with green mould.

    Stories from Hans Andersen | Hans Christian Andersen
  • His features, like those of his companion, were covered with green mould, and his beard was fringed with the same grim mildew.

    The Pilots of Pomona | Robert Leighton