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[ green-hous ]


, plural green·hous·es [green, -hou-ziz].
  1. a building, room, or area, usually chiefly of glass, in which the temperature is maintained within a desired range, used for cultivating tender plants or growing plants out of season.


/ ˈɡriːnˌhaʊs /


  1. a building with transparent walls and roof, usually of glass, for the cultivation and exhibition of plants under controlled conditions

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Word History and Origins

Origin of greenhouse1

First recorded in 1655–65; green + house

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Example Sentences

So let us take a trip back into deep time, a journey that will begin with the familiar climate of recorded history and end in the feverish, high-CO2 greenhouse of the early age of mammals, 50 million years ago.

Pepco’s Climate Change Commitment includes more than 20 actions to help combat the climate crisis and drive its own greenhouse gas emissions down by 70 percent over the next five years.

Globally, transportation produces about 16 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether it shakes out as a valid way for the county to help meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals remains to be seen.

That’s in part because emissions of greenhouse gases continue to go up every year.

It's also become the largest energy producer in the world, even while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

And as Greenhouse is a very smart and sincere person who loves the Court and the law, her crie de coeur is striking.

Linda Greenhouse, the longtime Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times, declared surrender Thursday.

The United States and China announced new greenhouse emission targets late Tuesday night.

Under unusually blue skies in Beijing, the American and Chinese presidents vow cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Can you tell me the name of this flower which I found in your greenhouse.

The Iris is to the garden what the Orchid is to the greenhouse.

In this country eucalyptus seeds are reared in a greenhouse.

Studies have been made upon the comparative germination of tree seeds in the field and the greenhouse.

McLean visited a greenhouse and bought an armload of its finest products; but Freckles would have none of them.


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