[ gree-ning ]
/ ˈgri nɪŋ /


any variety of apple whose skin is green when ripe.
the return or revival of youthful characteristics: the greening of America.

Origin of greening

First recorded in 1590–1600; green + -ing1

Definition for greening (2 of 2)


[ green ]
/ grin /

adjective, green·er, green·est.


verb (used with or without object)

to become or make green.
Informal. to restore the vitality of: Younger executives are greening corporate managements.

Origin of green

before 900; Middle English, Old English grēne; cognate with German grün; akin to grow

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/ (ˈɡriːnɪŋ) /


the process of making or becoming more aware of environmental considerations

Word Origin for greening

C20: from green (sense 13)

British Dictionary definitions for greening (2 of 3)


/ (ɡriːn) /




to make or become green

Derived Forms

greenish, adjectivegreenly, adverbgreenness, noungreeny, adjective

Word Origin for green

Old English grēne; related to Old High German gruoni; see grow

British Dictionary definitions for greening (3 of 3)


/ (ɡriːn) /


Henry, real name Henry Vincent Yorke . 1905–73, British novelist: author of Living (1929), Loving (1945), and Back (1946)
John Richard. 1837–83, British historian; author of A Short History of the English People (1874)
T (homas) H (ill). 1836–82, British idealist philosopher. His chief work, Prolegomena to Ethics, was unfinished at his death
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