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[ gree-ting ]


  1. the act or words of a person who greets. greet.
  2. a friendly message from someone who is absent:

    a greeting from a friend in another country.

  3. greetings, an expression of friendly or respectful regard:

    Send my greetings to your family.


/ ˈɡriːtɪŋ /


  1. the act or an instance of welcoming or saluting on meeting
  2. often plural
    1. an expression of friendly salutation
    2. ( as modifier )

      a greetings card

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Other Words From

  • greeting·less adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of greeting1

before 900; Middle English, Old English gretinge. See greet 1, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Whether you buy a pack of these bread-shaped greeting cards or attach one to a gift, Food for Thoughts donates the cash equivalent of one peanut butter and jelly sandwich to hunger-fighting organizations.

Everyone being stuck inside and parents likely distracted by work is a recipe for kids getting into trouble — and now the holiday season, with its battery-filled gifts and even greeting cards, threatens to intensify the situation still further.

From Ozy

She added that nearly 300 Hawks employees were helping out by filling roles as varied as greeting voters and serving as poll workers alongside county employees.

At times I do not have the time to shop for a get well, sympathy or other type of greeting card.

Since then, several calls and texts to my sister and brother-in-law to extend birthday wishes — only messages with birthday greetings were left — have gone unanswered.

Or, after a surprise party greeting for Gloria goes awry, “Just a thought: maybe we should stop doing these.”

Clinton, meanwhile, spent several minutes greeting audience members along the rope line and posing for cellphone selfies.

Later she explains why typical forms of greeting in Sierra Leone, such as shaking hands and hugging, are no longer acceptable.

According to the recipient of his greeting, Patreese Johnson, he said, “I want some of that” and motioned to her crotch.

They accuse old friends and colleagues of terrible things, even if they do something simple like return a greeting on Facebook.

Tressan advanced to meet him, a smile of cordial welcome on his lips, and they bowed to each other in formal greeting.

In their greeting there seemed a taunting note as though they knew they had no more to fear from me and could be generous.

Garnache bowed to the lady, who returned his greeting by an inclination of the head, and his keen eyes played briskly over her.

But the next moment I found I was mistaken, for Ethne was holding out both hands to me in greeting.

She could only hear Beaudelet's voice; Robert had apparently not even spoken a word of greeting to his companion.


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