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  1. John Robert, 1864–1948, U.S. educator: inventor of a system of shorthand.

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Example Sentences

Gregg will look at how we train and how things go while we are here, but he is also going to think about time guys have spent on the field for their club and the national team.

Four decades later, Gregg has made a career designing clean rooms and labs for semiconductor manufacturing and research all over the world.

Gregg would later revisit this work as a “thought experiment” for an aerospace company exploring device fabrication in space.

Now vaccinated and in search of good work, Gregg says he is in no hurry to return to Uber or Lyft.

The shortage is in part prompted by workers such as Gregg, who left the app when the risks of driving during the coronavirus were highest and the vectors of transmission were not completely understood.

Voicing Odie the dog was Gregg Berger, the original voice of Grimlock on the Transformers cartoons.

And Melinda May (played by Ming-Na Wen, the best-known actor besides Gregg) was all poker face.

It was that basic desire that the justices in Gregg relied upon to resurrect the death penalty.

By a 7-2 vote, the justices in Gregg v. Georgia lifted the moratorium.

From the seat behind, Red Dog reaches forward to tap Willie on the shoulder, jostling Gregg awake in the process.

The watchman's flashlight severed the darkness, and printed its white circle on the face of Asa Gregg.

Gregg sent out a regiment in pursuit, while the main body of his command bivouacked in the field west of the Court-House.

Gregg sent a portion of the First Maine Cavalry towards the place, as if intending to proceed in that direction.

Gregg formed his division for battle, and the Rebels retreated towards Gordonsville.

"I prepared this surprise for you, Mr. Gregg," Muriel said, laughing through her tears of joy.