[ gren-dl ]

nounEnglish and Scandinavian Mythology.
  1. the monster killed by Beowulf.

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How to use Grendel in a sentence

  • Being innumerate, I need equivalencies to help my poor mind wrap around Grendel-size mathematical concepts.

  • Grendel means, originally, no more than a bar or rod, or a palisade or lattice-work made of such bars or rods.

  • I thought of Grendel, and listened for the splash of the fen-monster's steps along the edge of the bay.

    Roof and Meadow | Dallas Lore Sharp
  • Glam's entry and onset resemble those of Grendel: when Grettir closes with him he tries to get out.

    Beowulf | R. W. Chambers
  • Why must Grendel or his mother represent the tempest, or the malaria, or the drear long winter nights?

    Beowulf | R. W. Chambers
  • It is generally asserted that the Orm-story affords a close parallel to the episodes of Grendel and his mother.

    Beowulf | R. W. Chambers

British Dictionary definitions for Grendel


/ (ˈɡrɛndəl) /

  1. (in Old English legend) a man-eating monster defeated by the hero Beowulf

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