[ grid-ahy-ern ]
/ ˈgrɪdˌaɪ ərn /
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a football field.
a utensil consisting of parallel metal bars on which to broil meat or other food.
any framework or network resembling a gridiron.
a structure above the stage of a theater, from which hung scenery and the like are manipulated.

verb (used with object)

to mark off into squares or design with a network of squares.



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Origin of gridiron

1250–1300; Middle English gridirne, gridir(e), gridere, variant of gridelgriddle; variants in -irne, -ire, etc. are associated by folk etymology with ModE variant irne, ireiron
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British Dictionary definitions for gridiron

/ (ˈɡrɪdˌaɪən) /


a utensil of parallel metal bars, used to grill meat, fish, etc
any framework resembling this utensil
a framework above the stage in a theatre from which suspended scenery, lights, etc, are manipulated
  1. the field of play in American football
  2. an informal name for American football
  3. (as modifier)a gridiron hero
Often shortened to: grid

Word Origin for gridiron

C13 gredire, perhaps variant (through influence of ire iron) of gredile griddle
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