or grill

[ gril ]
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  1. a grating or openwork barrier, as for a gate, usually of metal and often of decorative design.

  2. an opening, usually covered by grillwork, for admitting air to cool the engine of an automobile or the like; radiator grille.

  1. any of various perforated screens, sheets, etc., used to cover something, as on a radio for protecting the amplifier or in cryptography for coding purposes.

  2. a ticket window covered by a grating.

  3. Court Tennis. a square-shaped winning opening on the hazard side of the court.: Compare dedans (def. 1), winning gallery.

Origin of grille

1655–65; <French, Old French <Late Latin *gratīcula,Latin crātīcula (compare Old Provençal grazilha), diminutive of crātis

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  • grilled, adjective
  • un·grilled, adjective

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or gril·lée

[ French gree-yey ]

  1. cooked on a grill; broiled.

  2. Textiles. having an ornamental bar or grate pattern across the open areas of a lace motif.

Origin of grillé

1680–90; <French: grilled; see grille Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

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/ (ɡrɪl) /

  1. Also called: grillwork a framework, esp of metal bars arranged to form an ornamental pattern, used as a screen or partition

  2. Also called: radiator grille a grating, often chromium-plated, that admits cooling air to the radiator of a motor vehicle

  1. a metal or wooden openwork grating used as a screen or divider

  2. a protective screen, usually plastic or metal, in front of the loudspeaker in a radio, record player, etc

  3. real tennis the opening in one corner of the receiver's end of the court

  4. a group of small pyramidal marks impressed in parallel rows into a stamp to prevent reuse

Origin of grille

C17: from Old French, from Latin crātīcula fine hurdlework, from crātis a hurdle

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