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  1. a grating or openwork barrier, as for a gate, usually of metal and often of decorative design.
  2. an opening, usually covered by grillwork, for admitting air to cool the engine of an automobile or the like; radiator grille.
  3. any of various perforated screens, sheets, etc., used to cover something, as on a radio for protecting the amplifier or in cryptography for coding purposes.
  4. a ticket window covered by a grating.
  5. Court Tennis. a square-shaped winning opening on the hazard side of the court.Compare dedans(def 1), winning gallery.

Origin of grille

1655–65; < French, Old French < Late Latin *gratīcula, Latin crātīcula (compare Old Provençal grazilha), diminutive of crātis
Related formsgrilled, adjectiveun·grilled, adjective
Can be confusedgrill grille


or gril·lée

[French gree-yey]
  1. cooked on a grill; broiled.
  2. Textiles. having an ornamental bar or grate pattern across the open areas of a lace motif.

Origin of grillé

1680–90; < French: grilled; see grille Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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Historical Examples of grille

  • A scared brother cocked his eye through the grille to see who was there.

    Little Novels of Italy

    Maurice Henry Hewlett

  • From there I took one leading straight to the Grille d'Honneur.

  • "But I'm not," said the unexpected voice of the deputy at the grille of the gateway.


    Bret Harte

  • She pointed to the door with the grille, and he regarded it with a new interest.

    The Secret Witness

    George Gibbs

  • Then, pushing open the grille, they entered with their captive.

    The Hour of the Dragon

    Robert E. Howard

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  1. Also called: grillwork a framework, esp of metal bars arranged to form an ornamental pattern, used as a screen or partition
  2. Also called: radiator grille a grating, often chromium-plated, that admits cooling air to the radiator of a motor vehicle
  3. a metal or wooden openwork grating used as a screen or divider
  4. a protective screen, usually plastic or metal, in front of the loudspeaker in a radio, record player, etc
  5. real tennis the opening in one corner of the receiver's end of the court
  6. a group of small pyramidal marks impressed in parallel rows into a stamp to prevent reuse

Word Origin for grille

C17: from Old French, from Latin crātīcula fine hurdlework, from crātis a hurdle
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Word Origin and History for grille

"ornamental grating," 1660s, from French grille (fem.) "grating," from Old French greille "gridiron," from Latin craticula "gridiron" (see grill). "The distinction in French between grille and grill ... appears to date from about the 16th c." [OED].

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