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/ ɡrɪld /


  1. cooked on a grill or gridiron
  2. having a grille

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Example Sentences

The smell of grilled meat mixes with the exotic wafts of cinnamon tea served with a mush of sweet brown dessert.

A grilled cheese sandwich, made with four different cheeses, comes with McLane ham (and is grilled in truffle butter).

It's made of tater tots, obviously, grilled cheese sandwiches, and burgers.

Put together grilled cheese sandwiches and cook in pan with butter until cheese is melted.

Days and weeks of eating nothing but grilled chicken and vegetables can wear down even the most dedicated of individuals.

These worms were generally grilled on hot stones, and eaten several at a time like small whitebait.

Renwick smiled at her as he whispered, "I am to be grilled?"

Whether the soul is to be thus comforted or the goat is to be grilled, is a question that has mightily puzzled Vedic doctors.

Four or five hours later, oxen and game, grilled to the point, are served steaming and toothsome upon the table.

Fortunately there are not a large number of the reprints to encounter and grilled specimens are in all probability original.


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