[ gript ]
/ grɪpt /


a past participle and simple past tense of grip.

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[ grip ]
/ grɪp /


verb (used with object), gripped or gript, grip·ping.

verb (used without object), gripped or gript, grip·ping.

to take firm hold; hold fast.
to take hold on the mind.

Origin of grip

before 900; Middle English, Old English gripe grasp (noun); cognate with German Griff, Old English gripa handful; see gripe

Related formsgrip·less, adjectivere·grip, verb, re·gripped or re·gript, re·grip·ping.un·grip, verb, un·gripped, un·grip·ping.

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Examples from the Web for gript

  • The boat now run ‘pon the top ov me; I was gript by the scruff ov the neck, and dragg’d into it.

  • We're rael sorry, and we know your heart was gript to him with grapplin's.

    The Deemster|Hall Caine

British Dictionary definitions for gript


/ (ɡrɪp) /


verb grips, gripping or gripped

to take hold of firmly or tightly, as by a clutch
to hold the interest or attention ofto grip an audience
Derived Formsgripper, noungrippingly, adverb

Word Origin for grip

Old English gripe grasp; related to Old Norse gripr property, Old High German grif


/ (ɡrɪp) /


med a variant spelling of grippe
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Word Origin and History for gript
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Idioms and Phrases with gript


see come to grips with; get a grip on; lose one's grip.

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