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noun British.
  1. the act of complaining or whimpering.
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Origin of grizzling


[griz-uh l]
verb (used with or without object), griz·zled, griz·zling.
  1. to make or become gray or partly gray.
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  1. gray; grayish; devoid of hue.
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  1. gray or partly gray hair.
  2. a gray wig.
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Origin of grizzle1

1350–1400; Middle English grisel < Old French, derivative of gris gray < Germanic; see griseous


[griz-uh l]
verb (used without object), griz·zled, griz·zling. British.
  1. to complain; whimper; whine.
  2. to laugh or grin in mockery; sneer.
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Origin of grizzle2

1740–50; origin uncertain; compare Middle High German grisgramen to gnash one's teeth, German Griesgram sourpuss
Related formsgriz·zler, noun
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Examples from the Web for grizzling

Historical Examples

  • Pity to disturb him for the sake of them grizzling conductors.

    The Big Bow Mystery

    I. Zangwill

  • But there was no time for grizzling then, for the game had to go on.

  • Who would think of looking back and grizzling over a little disappointment twelve years old!

    A Question of Marriage

    Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

  • The nearly black or the darkest birds are quite likely to show some white or grizzling on the head.

    Ducks and Geese

    Harry M. Lamon

  • He did as soon as Alice said that about whining and grizzling being below the dignity of a Manciple.

British Dictionary definitions for grizzling


  1. to make or become grey
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  1. a grey colour
  2. grey or partly grey hair
  3. a grey wig
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Word Origin

C15: from Old French grisel, from gris, of Germanic origin; compare Middle High German grīs grey


verb (intr) informal, mainly British
  1. (esp of a child) to fret; whine
  2. to sulk or grumble
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Derived Formsgrizzler, noun

Word Origin

C18: of Germanic origin; compare Old High German grist-grimmōn gnashing of teeth, German Griesgram unpleasant person
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Word Origin and History for grizzling



"gray-colored," early 15c., from Old French grisel (see grizzled) which also meant "gray-haired old man" (a noun sense recorded in Middle English from mid-14c.). The verb, "to make gray," is attested from 1740.

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