[ grohts ]
/ groʊts /

noun (used with a singular or plural verb)

hulled grain, as wheat or oats, broken into fragments.
hulled kernels of oats, buckwheat, or barley.

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Origin of groats

before 1100; Middle English grotes (plural), Old English grot meal; akin to grits


[ groht ]
/ groʊt /


a silver coin of England, equal to four pennies, issued from 1279 to 1662.

Origin of groat

1325–75; Middle English groot < Middle Dutch groot large, name of a large coin; see great Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ɡrəʊts) /

pl n

the hulled and crushed grain of oats, wheat, or certain other cereals
the parts of oat kernels used as food

Word Origin for groats

Old English grot particle; related to grota fragment, as in meregrota pearl; see grit, grout


/ (ɡrəʊt) /


an English silver coin worth four pennies, taken out of circulation in the 17th century

Word Origin for groat

C14: from Middle Dutch groot, from Middle Low German gros, from Medieval Latin (denarius) grossus thick (coin); see groschen

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