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[Dutch khroht; English groht]
  1. Huig [Dutch hoikh] /Dutch hɔɪx/de [duh] /də/or van [vahn] /vɑn/. Hugo Grotius.
  2. Gerhard. Gerhard Groote.
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de Groot

[duh khroht]
  1. Huig [hœikh] /hœɪx/. Hugo Grotius.
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  • While this scene was transpiring, Groot Willem was given time to reload his roer.

  • Groot Willem was not the only one who had been charged upon.

  • After all, Groot Willem had not been like a child crying for the moon.

  • “I think this place will suit admirably,” said Groot Willem.

  • Groot Willem instantly brought the roer to his shoulder and fired.