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[ groo-vee ]


, groov·i·er, groov·i·est.
  1. Slang. highly stimulating or attractive; excellent:

    groovy music; a groovy car.

  2. inclined to follow a fixed routine.


/ ˈɡruːvɪ /


  1. slang.
    attractive, fashionable, or exciting

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Word History and Origins

Origin of groovy1

First recorded in 1850–55; groove + -y 1

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Example Sentences

Relaxed drums and a jazzy guitar playing while singer Nick Carpenter croons about the monotony of the pandemic and missing an ex makes for a groovy song.

So much so that many are thrifting and repurposing groovy vintage pieces in a sustainable bid to time travel back to the swinging ’60s.

From Ozy

Vice’s new affiliate vertical is called Rec Room, named jointly for its product recommendations content and after a “groovy 1970s basement,” according to Vice Media’s chief digital officer Cory Haik.

From Digiday

Canvas is an artsy club with specialty lights, unique sounds, and a groovy, SoHo feel.

For locals, the chemical-free approach was a practical matter, not some groovy plan to save the planet.

This silky rendition of the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' theme song is irrepressibly groovy.

These doctors make “conscious uncoupling” sound so groovy that actually being together begins to seem a little dowdy and dull.

Groovy, catchy, and refreshingly simple, it may be Gaga's most straightforward pop song yet.

No longer do the authors proclaim, “We must destroy the myth that we have to be groovy, free chicks.”

As Mercury plows back over the Sun and Venus in Leo, your daily grind gets groovy.

One small boy, cleverer or more groovy-minded than the rest, struck off along the headland to the left.

And it is a groove; perhaps there was never anything so groovy.

But Mrs. Otway was much more original and more impulsive, thus far less “groovy,” than the people among whom her lot was cast.


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