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[groh-shuh n]
noun, plural gro·schen.
  1. a zinc or aluminum coin of Austria until the euro was adopted, the 100th part of a schilling.
  2. a German 10-pfennig piece made of nickel.
  3. any of the silver coins of various German regions first introduced in the 13th century.
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Origin of groschen

1610–20; < German; Middle High German grosse, grosze < Latin (denārius) grossus thick (coin); akin to groat
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Historical Examples

  • Maimon rescued Wolff's Metaphysics from a butterman for two groschen.

    Dreamers of the Ghetto

    I. Zangwill

  • I wouldn't have the King know about this for a thousand groschen.

  • So Rollo took the two groschen from his pocket and paid him.

    Rollo on the Rhine

    Jacob Abbott

  • The Duke of Saxony wore grey hats which cost him four groschen.

  • He waited for the good angel to throw him the "groschen" from the ceiling.

    Jewish Children

    Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich

British Dictionary definitions for groschen


noun plural -schen
  1. a former Austrian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a schilling
  2. a former German coin worth ten pfennigs
  3. a former German silver coin
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Word Origin

C17: from German: Bohemian dialect alteration of Middle High German grosse, from Medieval Latin (denarius) grossus thick (penny); see gross, groat
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Word Origin and History for groschen


1610s, small silver coin formerly used in Germany and Austria, from German groschen, altered from Czech groš, name of a coin (about one-thirtieth of a thaler), from Medieval Latin (denarius) grossus, literally "a thick coin," from Latin grossus "thick" (see gross, and cf. groat).

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