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ground crew


  1. ground personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of aircraft.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ground crew1

First recorded in 1930–35

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Example Sentences

The 11-minute lag in communication caused by the distance between the two planets, however, means that the burn is effectively an automated process—ground crews won’t really be able to control what is happening.

FedEx told TOSHA that it had since amended its aircraft ramp operations manual to make sure the ground crew is out of the loader’s path before it moves.

Built in Australia, the 38-foot long craft is designed to take off and land from a regular runway, and boasts a modular nose that ground crews could change depending on the mission.

It’s been such a busy wildfire year, complete statistics for aviation assets, ground crews, and acres burned have not been compiled by each state’s Public Information Officers as the situation has changed by the hour.

Heroic ground crews are working numerous fires right now, saving structures and lives.

When it falls unconscious, a ground crew drags the beast—which can weigh up to 5,000 lbs—into a net strapped to the chopper.

Next morning (the 16th) after fueling up we took off (with the ground crew) for the Homeward trip.

They were interrupted by the ground-crew chief who reported the decoy ship ready to blast off.

Dashing up the metal ladder, Connel roared the order to the waiting ground crew.

A member of the ground crew took his place at the propeller.

Members of the ground crew took up their stations at the wing tips.





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