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[ groun-did ]


  1. mentally or emotionally balanced; having a peaceful, practical, or realistic outlook:

    His more grounded, common-sense view of the situation was a helpful counter to my flights of fancy.

    I love being around them, because they're really grounded.

  2. Aeronautics. (of an aircraft) being brought or restricted to the ground because of bad weather, the unsatisfactory condition of the aircraft, etc.

    Grounded flights have cost airlines in excess of $2 billion this year alone.

  3. Electricity. having a conducting connection between an electric circuit or equipment and the earth or some other conducting body:

    This equipment must be plugged into a grounded outlet.


/ ˈɡraʊndɪd /


  1. sensible and down-to-earth; having one's feet on the ground
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Other Words From

  • ground·ed·ly adverb
  • ground·ed·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of grounded1

First recorded in 1955–60; ground 1( def ) + -ed 2( def )
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Example Sentences

Though it’s more grounded than Dan and Eugene Levy’s farce—the generation gap between immigrant parents and their Canadian kids is a big theme—both series feature quirky characters who care deeply for each other.

From Time

Singapore Airlines ultimately didn’t follow through on the flights to nowhere idea, opting instead in October for a grounded experience that offered customers dinner and a movie on a double-decker A380 plane for $37 to $440.

From Fortune

Come up off your grounded hand, and bring your torso to an upright position.

AirAsia has now been grounded on this route by the Indonesians.

He was a dreamer, an idealist, grounded in the reality he observed around him.

Few cared about the grounded luxury jets that offered all manner of in-flight comforts—those were meant for the princelings.

Patterson was certain this grounded youngster would not survive if he just left her there.

After the attack, Daryl sits and talks with him, keeping him grounded.

And the lead wire from the aerials, well grounded, was brought directly in from overhead and connected with the radio set.

If it spreads beyond his premises and harms others his liability for the harm must be grounded on his negligence.

If a boatman has grounded the ship of a man and has refloated her, he shall give money to half her price.

As he spoke another raft took the shore, and then they grounded so rapidly that it was impossible to count them.

As the boat grounded upon the other shore, a piece of shell tore through his drum.


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