[ groh-ver ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Election Runner, an application used to count votes, said it had received an ethics complaint alleging that Grover had used her mother’s account to cast fake votes for herself.

Grover’s attorney, Randall Etheridge, who also represents Carroll, said Grover has also pleaded not guilty.

Grover was 17 when she was charged with felonies in March but turned 18 last month.

Grover was expelled from her high school, and her mother, Laura Carroll, was suspended from her job.

Nine students and teachers gave written statements claiming that Grover had talked about using the account or that they had seen her access it during her time in high school.

The following year, he founded Kentucky Taxpayers United—becoming something of a local Grover Norquist.

The inscription from Nader reads, “Grover, for the imagination.”

As to its place in Grover's canon, it is indeed the best known of his Rolling Stone pieces.

But people familiar with Grover and his work insisted: We had to include the Allman Brothers piece.

Grover, if he still walked among us, would most certainly insist yes.

One of the committee rode into Savannah, through a drenching rain, to report to General Grover.

General Grover sent out horses for us, and so we reached the city after many vexatious delays and rough experiences.

Dwight's division was then brought up on the right, and Grover's men formed behind it.

I remarked: "It's all right; Grover has gone out this morning to make a reconnoissance, and he is merely feeling the enemy."

Clemens immensely admired Grover Cleveland, also his young wife, and his visits to Washington were not infrequent.