grow light


  1. a fluorescent light bulb designed to emit light of a wavelength conducive to plant growth.

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Example Sentences

Buying the best grow lights for home is a great way to start and show off a whole bunch of house plants without spreading them out all over your home.

Set up the pre-seeded plant pods, fill the water reservoir, and turn on the grow light, then allow the hydroponic herb garden to flourish on its own.

To start growing the best indoor herb garden, simply add the pre-seeded plant pods, fill up the water reservoir, plug in the self-watering system, and turn on the grow light.

Don’t worry about the herbs getting enough sunlight with this hydroponic indoor herb garden that comes with a built-in grow light.

You can sync the whole thing to your mobile phone, setting a timer that, for example, tells the device when to turn its grow lights off and on.

The missionary will see that the white hunter is by the rocks when it begins to grow light in the east.

It began to grow light again and somewhere in the woods we heard a bird singing.

At this time of the year it would begin to grow light soon after three.

"You are surely very comforting," Mollie observed, her heart beginning to grow light once more.

Thus a long time passed, and it had been dark in the winter, and was beginning to grow light near the coming of spring.