[ gruhnj ]
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  1. dirt; filth; rubbish.

  2. something of inferior quality; trash: He didn't know good music from grunge.

  1. a person who works hard, usually for meager rewards; grind.

  2. a style or fashion derived from a movement in rock music: in fashion characterized by unkempt clothing and in music by aggressive, nihilistic songs.

Origin of grunge

1960–65; expressive coinage, perhaps reflecting grime and sludge; sense “grind” perhaps by association with drudge

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/ (ɡrʌndʒ) /

  1. US slang dirt or rubbish

  2. a style of rock music originating in the US in the late 1980s, featuring a distorted guitar sound

  1. a deliberately untidy and uncoordinated fashion style

Origin of grunge

C20: possibly a coinage imitating grime + sludge

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