abbreviation for
  1. Greater Toronto Area

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How to use GTA in a sentence

  • N semr eim vel kaupstefnan, ok skal orgautr GTA saufjr at vetri.

    Beowulf | R. W. Chambers
  • The last few hours of the journey, they steamed down the GTA River toward the city of Gteborg.

    Our Little Swedish Cousin | Claire M. Coburn
  • Further off again is craggy Ischia, while blue and infinitely vague upon the skyline one can see the mountains behind GTA.

    Naples Past and Present | Arthur H. Norway
  • The GTA, even if outgrown, can never cramp the toes nor compress the ankles.

    Japanese Girls and Women | Alice Mabel Bacon
  • Rocky islands near the mouth of the GTA Elv not far from Gteborg.