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[gwahy-uh-kuh m]
  1. any of several tropical American trees or shrubs belonging to the genus Guaiacum of the caltrop family; lignum vitae.
  2. the hard, heavy wood of such a tree; guaiac.
  3. resin obtained from such a tree; guaiac.
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Origin of guaiacum

1525–35; < New Latin < Spanish guayaco, guayacán < Taino
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  1. any tropical American evergreen tree of the zygophyllaceous genus Guaiacum, such as the lignum vitae
  2. the hard heavy wood of any of these trees
  3. Also called: guaiac (ˈɡwaɪæk) a brownish resin obtained from the lignum vitae, used medicinally and in making varnishes
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Word Origin

C16: New Latin, from Spanish guayaco, of Taino origin
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