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[gwahr-uh-nee, gwahr-uh-nee]
noun, plural gua·ra·ni, gua·ra·nis.
  1. a paper money and monetary unit of Paraguay, equal to 100 centimos.
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Origin of guarani

1940–45; < Spanish, after Guarani


or Gua·ra·ní

noun, plural Gua·ra·nis, Gua·ra·nies, (especially collectively) Gua·ra·ni.
  1. a member of an Indian people now living principally in Paraguay.
  2. a language belonging to the Tupi-Guarani family of languages and spoken by the Guarani Indians: the chief vernacular of Paraguay.
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Historical Examples of guarani

  • Many of their customs were akin to those of the Guarani Indians.


    W. H. Koebel

  • On reaching the Guarani Missions, near Candelaria, in about lat.

  • He made a sign to the Guarani to follow him, and both quitted the tambo.

    The Flying Horseman

    Gustave Aimard

  • It may be the same word as Guarani, which also has this meaning.

  • "You admirably understand my thoughts, seora," answered the Guarani, respectfully bowing.

    The Flying Horseman

    Gustave Aimard

British Dictionary definitions for guarani


  1. plural -ni or -nis a member of a South American Indian people of Paraguay, S Brazil, and Bolivia
  2. the language of this people, belonging to the Tupi-Guarani family; one of the official languages of Paraguay, along with Spanish
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noun plural -ní or -nís
  1. the standard monetary unit of Paraguay, divided into 100 céntimos
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