[ gwahy-uh-ber-uh; Spanish gwah-yah-be-rah ]

noun,plural gua·ya·be·ras [gwahy-uh-ber-uhz; Spanish gwah-yah-be-rahs]. /ˌgwaɪ əˈbɛr əz; Spanish ˌgwɑ yɑˈβɛ rɑs/.
  1. a sport shirt or lightweight jacket, often with several large front pockets, modeled upon a loose, smocklike shirt originally worn by men in Cuba.

Origin of guayabera

First recorded in 1935–40; from Latin American Spanish, further origin uncertain; perhaps from Spanish guayaba “guava (fruit)” (the shirt pockets being large enough to hold guavas)
  • Also called gua·ya·be·ra shirt .

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