[ gwah-yoo-lee, wah-; Spanish gwah-yoo-le ]

noun,plural gua·yu·les [gwah-yoo-leez, wah-; Spanish gwah-yoo-les]. /gwɑˈyu liz, wɑ-; Spanish gwɑˈyu lɛs/.
  1. a composite shrub, Parthenium argentatum, of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, yielding a form of rubber.

  2. the rubber obtained from this plant.

Origin of guayule

1905–10, Americanism;<Mexican Spanish <Nahuatl cuauholli or huauholli, equivalent to cuahu(itl) tree or huauh(tli) amaranth + olli rubber

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How to use guayule in a sentence

  • Their hunch was that the guayule rubber could also be suitable for a closed-cell foam, like the kind needed for wetsuits.

  • guayule” is a resinous rubber secured from a two-foot shrub that grows on the arid plains of Texas and Northern Mexico.

  • The guayule shrub is now a further source of Mexican rubber.

    Mexico | Charles Reginald Enock
  • In 1911 seven thousand tons of guayule were imported from Mexico; in 1917 only seventeen hundred tons.

    Creative Chemistry | Edwin E. Slosson
  • The only native source so far utilized is the guayule, which grows wild on the deserts of the Mexican and the American border.

    Creative Chemistry | Edwin E. Slosson
  • When chopped up and macerated guayule gives a satisfactory quality of caoutchouc in profitable amounts.

    Creative Chemistry | Edwin E. Slosson

British Dictionary definitions for guayule


/ (ɡwəˈjuːlɪ) /

  1. a bushy shrub, Parthenium argentatum, of the southwestern US: family Asteraceae (composites)

  2. rubber derived from the sap of this plant

Origin of guayule

from American Spanish, from Nahuatl cuauhuli, from cuahuitl tree + uli gum

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