guerrilla marketing

[ guh-ril-uh-mahr-ki-ting ]

  1. a low-cost, nontraditional advertising strategy that uses imaginative presentation, as graffiti or public art installations, and interactive experiences, as stunts or treasure hunts: Successful guerrilla marketing is spread virally from person to person, online or by word of mouth.

Origin of guerrilla marketing

Coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, U.S. business writer (1933-2013), the title of his 1984 book
  • Sometimes guer·ril·la ad·ver·tis·ing [guh-ril-uh-ad-ver-tahy-zing] /gəˈrɪl ə ˈæd vərˌtaɪ zɪŋ/ .

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