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[ gahyd-book ]


  1. a book of directions, advice, and information, especially for travelers or tourists.


/ ˈɡaɪdˌbʊk /


  1. a handbook with information for visitors to a place, as a historic building, museum, or foreign country Also calledguide
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  • guidebookish guidebooky adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of guidebook1

First recorded in 1805–15; guide + book
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Example Sentences

Afterward, the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown University published a guidebook to help cities handle violent protests.

From Time

If you’re seeking warmth this winter, check out Arizona Highways magazine’s great offerings of adventure guidebooks to the state.

This pad also has a telescope for viewing constellations and a guidebook to the most popular hikes in the area.

That way it’s easier to talk to strangers who, in my experience, are far more valuable than any guidebook.

They traveled all across South America, and they wrote a guidebook.

From Ozy

It was the perfect blend of exotic adventure and Lonely Planet guidebook assurances of safety.

I had first learned of the prison way back in 2005 from a Lonely Planet guidebook.

Nowadays people prepare for a trip by reading little more than a few pages of a guidebook.

What is a young Finn or Spaniard visiting Israel/Palestine, this guidebook in hand, to make of this?

A guidebook I read aptly called it “a conveyer belt of black hair.”

One is an English youth, travelling for the first time, who has been hard at his Guidebook during the whole journey.

Observe in this book that Hawthorne gave the story such a faithful setting that it may be used as a guidebook to Rome.

Now, the Bible is a guidebook in the journey of life, and the only one that points the way to Heaven.

He studied his guidebook and every quarter of an hour looked at his watch.

The “Book of the Dead” was a guidebook of the itinerary of Egyptian souls.


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