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[ gahy-did ]


  1. accompanied by a guide:

    a guided tour.

  2. supervised or controlled:

    a guided beam.

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Other Words From

  • self-guided adjective
  • un·guided adjective
  • un·guided·ly adverb
  • well-guided adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of guided1

First recorded in 1905–10; guide + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

He will also stage “Hannibal-inspired” dinner parties that will be open to the public and guided tours of the property.

Initially, it will be able to carry 1,000-pound satellite-guided bombs or 500-pound laser-guided weapons.

Couple guided Stella as she crawled and dipped her chest to pick up each magnet.

But the bomber was surrounded by guided weapons, some seen for the first time in public.

The Taliban were Islamic and brought Islam with them, and all our justice is guided by Islam and the Quran.

What were your impressions on playing on something wholly guided by vocals?

Thus shall we see the destinies of this country guided under the orange and red flag.

But in doing this, the intention and power of selection guided by sound judgment at once asserted itself.

When the question comes before a court, it seeks after the intention of the parties, and is guided by it when ascertained.

And something within her seemed to tell her that in all that Ibrahim was doing he was guided by some very definite purpose.

Her ardor stimulated their zeal, and her well-stored mind and fascinating conversational eloquence guided their councils.


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