[ geel-yen; Spanish gee-lyen ]


  1. Jor·ge [hawr, -he], 1893–1984, Spanish poet, in the U.S. 1940–75.

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Example Sentences

Guillén had told her family she was being harassed by a superior, but didn’t report him out of fear of retaliation.

From Time

How significant is the fact that Guillen is Venezuelan and not Cuban?

He [Guillen] insulted the people that he had to please the most.

On Tuesday, an emotional and contrite Guillen went before the cameras and apologized for more than an hour for his remarks.

Guillen was suspended for five games after being quoted in a Time magazine article saying “I love Fidel Castro.”

Not surprisingly, he has been closely monitoring the controversy over Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen.

"Guillen, you want to bewilder us with your mysteries," added Garcia.

Cease your nonsense, friend Guillen, and go on with your story.

The idea which you have conceived of those bonds is very beautiful, Guillen!

"It is to glory that it shall lead me," replied Guillen enthusiastically.

Guillen, who has already been introduced to the reader, was amongst them.