guinea fowl

or guin·ea·fowl

  1. any of several African, gallinaceous birds of the subfamily Numidinae, especially a common species, Numida meleagris, that has a bony casque on the head and dark gray plumage spotted with white and that is now domesticated and raised for its flesh and eggs.

Origin of guinea fowl

First recorded in 1645–55; see also turkey

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How to use guinea fowl in a sentence

  • But just as I got rid of the hens the guinea fowl decided that the weather was getting altogether too severe for outdoor life.

  • But it is as fabricators of new and fiendish noises that the guinea fowl are in a class by themselves.

  • When we start eating these guinea fowl I am going to dissect one to find out what its vocal cords are made of.

  • It is also followed at times for cooking guinea fowl, partridges, pheasants, and similar small birds.

    Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 3 | Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences

British Dictionary definitions for guinea fowl

guinea fowl

  1. any gallinaceous bird, esp Numida meleagris, of the family Numididae of Africa and SW Asia, having a dark plumage mottled with white, a naked head and neck, and a heavy rounded body

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