[ guhng-hoh ]
/ ˈgʌŋˈhoʊ /


wholeheartedly enthusiastic and loyal; eager; zealous: a gung-ho military outfit.


in a successful manner: The business is going gung-ho.

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Origin of gung-ho

introduced as a training slogan in 1942 by U.S. Marine officer Evans F. Carlson (1896–1947) < Chinese gōng hé, the abbreviated name of the Chinese Industrial Cooperative Society, taken by a literal translation as “work together” Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for gung ho

gung ho

/ (ɡʌŋ həʊ) /


extremely enthusiastic and enterprising, sometimes to excess
extremely keen to participate in military combat

Word Origin for gung ho

C20: pidgin English, from Mandarin Chinese kung work + ho together

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Word Origin and History for gung ho

gung ho

also gung-ho, gungho, 1942, slang motto of Carlson's Raiders (2nd Marine Raider Battalion, under Lt. Col. Evans Carlson, 1896-1947), U.S. guerrilla unit operating in the Pacific in World War II, from Chinese kung ho "work together, cooperate." Widely adopted in American English c.1959.

Borrowing an idea from China, Carlson frequently has what he calls 'kung-hou' meetings .... Problems are threshed out and orders explained. ["New York Times Magazine," Nov. 8, 1942]
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Culture definitions for gung ho


Extremely enthusiastic or zealous: “He was gung-ho about going on a vacation to the beach.”

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Idioms and Phrases with gung ho

gung ho

Also, gung-ho. Extremely enthusiastic or dedicated, as in She was gung ho about her new job. This expression was introduced in 1942 as a training slogan for a U.S. Marine battalion, derived from what an American officer thought were Mandarin Chinese words for “work together.” It was actually an abbreviation for the name of Chinese industrial cooperatives.

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