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[ guhs-tuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee ]


  1. of or relating to taste or tasting.

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Other Words From

  • gusta·tori·ly adverb
  • un·gusta·tory adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gustatory1

1675–85; < Latin gustā ( re ) to taste + -tory 1

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Example Sentences

Sure, the gustatory system plays a role, but only a small one—some researchers think it may even comprise less than half of the whole tasting experience.

High levels of ambient noise and loud music also affect gustatory and olfactory sensitivity.

The gustatory cortex is located just above and a little in front of your ears.

They were aiming for the gustatory cortex — the part of the brain that processes taste.

His art collection includes a live tortoise covered in gems and a "flavor organ" on which he can play gustatory fugues.

Traveling through Europe, blogger Molly Hannon pauses to reflect on the city of Dijon's legendary gustatory heritage.

For the sense of sight cannot perceive taste, nor can color be apprehended by the gustatory sense.

Other senses tend to associate themselves with the chromatic sense, for example, the stereognostic and gustatory senses.

The only motive for the act, on the part of the original “friends” is friendship, and the gustatory joy of the wedding feast.

It is in these sensitive papill that the ramifications of the gustatory or tasting nerves terminate.

Thus, a patient's horror of poison may have its first origin in some subjective gustatory sensation.