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  1. Button, 1735?–77, American Revolutionary leader, born in England.

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Example Sentences

A district court held that his claim was insufficient to keep his case alive after Gwinnett surrendered on the speech restrictions.

Last Monday, the Supreme Court, considering not Gwinnett’s conduct but the two lower courts’ rulings, disagreed with them.

When Gwinnett realized that it was not drawing beneficial attention to itself, it scrapped its entire speech-restricting rigmarole, probably expecting that Uzuegbunam would be mollified.

It held 8-to-1 that Uzuegbunam had been injured by Gwinnett’s conduct, and that the nominal damages he sought would redress his injury.

This is only part of the story of Gwinnett’s diversification.

From Fortune

Button Gwinnett, one of the signers, died of a wound received in a duel.

Mr. Gwinnett had planned an expedition against East Florida and contemplated having the command.

"That's why I was against turning the collection over to Gwinnett on a commission basis," Gladys said.

"I'll bet you don't have this twenty-five thousand dollar offer on paper, over a signature," Gwinnett pursued.

Next thing, Farnsworth will think he has a case against Carl Gwinnett, and he'll land in the jug, too.