[ jahy-jeez ]

nounGreek Mythology.
  1. Also Gy·es [jahy-eez]. /ˈdʒaɪ iz/. one of the Hecatonchires.

  2. a shepherd who found a ring making its wearer invisible. Invited by the king of Lydia secretly to view his beautiful wife naked, Gyges was incited by her to kill the king and seize the throne. During his reign, allegedly, coinage was invented.

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How to use Gyges in a sentence

  • His son Gyges and the three young Persians remained in Sais, passing the time in a manner most agreeable to them.

  • Entreat Cambyses to punish Gyges, and grant me free powers to pursue the escaped Phanes as it shall seem good in mine eyes.

  • Gyges, the son of Croesus, the man you give yourself out for, is in prison and is to be executed to-day.

  • As soon as Bartja had opened his eyes, Gyges sent me off to Sardis to fetch a good physician and an easy travelling-carriage.

  • "You'd better take the splendid dress of the Chiliarchs at once, I think," cried Gyges.