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[ji-nee-see-uh m, -shee-, gahy-, jahy-]
noun, plural gy·noe·ci·a [ji-nee-see-uh, -shee-uh, gahy-, jahy-] /dʒɪˈni si ə, -ʃi ə, gaɪ-, dʒaɪ-/. Botany.
  1. the pistil or pistils of a flower; the female parts.
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Origin of gynoecium

1600–10; < New Latin, irregular < Greek gynaikeîon; see gynaeceum1
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Historical Examples of gynoecium

  • In these days women should be educated for the salon as they once were for the gynoecium.

    The Marriage Contract

    Honore de Balzac

  • In this case it is the gynoecium which has an additional number of parts.

  • This arrangement is known as hypogynous, the other series (calyx, corolla and stamens) being beneath (hypo-) the gynoecium.

British Dictionary definitions for gynoecium


gynaeceum, gynaecium or esp US gynecium

noun plural -cia or -cea (-sɪə)
  1. the carpels of a flowering plant collectively
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Word Origin for gynoecium

C18: New Latin, from Greek gunaikeion women's quarters, from gunaik-, gunē woman + -eion, suffix indicating place
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gynoecium in Science


[gī-nēsē-əm, jĭ-]
Plural gynoecia
  1. The female reproductive organs of a flower considered as a group; the pistil or pistils. Compare androecium.
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