1. hectoliter; hectoliters.

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  1. House of Lords.

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How to use hl in a sentence

  • With a smile, Jesse remarked: “Well, Billy, this is a h—l of a way to introduce yourself to a private picnic party.”

    History of 'Billy the Kid' | Chas. A. Siringo
  • Garrett asked him to give up, Billy answered: ‘Go to h—l, you long-legged s— of a b!’

    History of 'Billy the Kid' | Chas. A. Siringo
  • I charge the corporal of the guard with using unbecoming language, in that he used the phrase, Why the h—l dont you know?

    The Matabele Campaign | R. S. S. Baden-Powell
  • Was it your Captain what made that h—l of a dive from his hoss into the river?

    The Awakening of the Desert | Julius C. Birge
  • I'll not be thwarted in my wishes; I'll move all h—l but I'll be revenged!

    Ellen Walton | Alvin Addison

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symbol for
  1. hectolitre

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abbreviation for(in Britain)
  1. House of Lords

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