[ hey-loh ]
/ 藞he瑟 lo蕣 /
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noun, plural ha路los, ha路loes.
verb (used with object), ha路loed, ha路lo路ing.
to surround with a halo.
verb (used without object), ha路loed, ha路lo路ing.
to form a halo.
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Origin of halo

First recorded in 1555鈥65; from Latin, accusative of hal艒s 鈥渃ircle around the sun or moon,鈥 from Greek h谩l艒s 鈥渢hreshing floor; grain on a threshing floor; shield; halo鈥


un路ha路loed, adjective

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a combining form meaning 鈥渟alt,鈥 used in the formation of compound words (halophyte); sometimes specialized as a combining form of halogen (halothane).
Also especially before a vowel, hal-.

Origin of halo-

<Greek, combining form of h谩ls salt
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British Dictionary definitions for halo (1 of 2)

/ (藞he瑟l蓹蕣) /

noun plural -loes or -los
a disc or ring of light around the head of an angel, saint, etc, as in painting or sculpture
the aura surrounding an idealized, famous, or admired person, thing, or event
a circle of light around the sun or moon, caused by the refraction of light by particles of ice
astronomy a spherical cloud of stars surrounding the Galaxy and other spiral galaxies
verb -loes, -los, -loing or -loed
to surround with or form a halo

Derived forms of halo

halo-like, adjective

Word Origin for halo

C16: from Medieval Latin, from Latin hal艒s circular threshing floor, from Greek

British Dictionary definitions for halo (2 of 2)


hali- or before a vowel hal-

combining form
indicating salt or the seahalophyte
relating to or containing a halogenhalothane

Word Origin for halo-

from Greek hals, hal- sea, salt
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Medical definitions for halo (1 of 2)

[ h膩l艒 ]

n. pl. ha鈥os
A reddish yellow ring surrounding the optic disk, caused by an expansion of the scleral ring that makes the deeper structures visible.
Glaucomatous halo.
A ring of light surrounding a luminous body.

Medical definitions for halo (2 of 2)


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Scientific definitions for halo

[ h膩l艒 ]

A hazy ring of colored light in the sky around the Sun, Moon, or a similar bright object. A halo is caused by the reflection and refraction of light through atmospheric ice crystals.
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